Monroe Harbor, MI

Monroe Harbor, Michigan is located on the lower reach of River Raisin, which empties into Lake Erie and is 36 miles south of Detroit, Michigan. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of February 24, 1835; July 3, 1930; and, July 14, 1932; and by the Water Resources Development Act of November 17, 1986. The existing project provides for a channel 21 feet deep and 300 feet wide in Lake Erie, a distance of 15,800 feet; thence 21 feet deep and 200 feet wide, with necessary additional widths at bends, in the Raisin River, for a distance of 8,200 feet; thence 9 feet deep and 100 feet wide to the lower wharves at Monroe, a distance of 3,800 feet. The project also provides for riprapping of protecting dikes in each side of the channel extending lakeward for a distance of 1,200 feet (not constructed), and for a turning basin with an area of 22 acres and a depth of 18 feet. The project serves several privately owned docks and a municipal terminal.