This section provides links to a variety of dredging publications from entities such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Great Lakes Commission and others. This section also includes a collection of publications related to dredging and dredged material management compiled and linked to (but not published) by the Great Lakes Dredging Team. Not all publications are up to date, however, they are valuable to understand dredging, dredged material management, and the beneficial use of dredged material management on the Great Lakes. The content and the views and opinions expressed in these publications do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency, company, or organization that participates with or is a stakeholder of the Great Lakes Dredging Team.

Additional soil erosion and dredging publications can be found on the Great Lakes Commission website. 

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 Dredging, Dredged Material Management, and Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Management
 Ecological Impacts and Environmental Windows
 Openwater and Nearshore Placement
 Sediment Quality and Characterization
 Sediment Remediation
 Sediment and Watershed Management