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Construction Quality Management

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requires all contractors performing construction for them to comply with the Contractor Quality Control (CQC), provisions in their contracts. 

In the early development of the CQC system, there was considerable misunderstanding as to what was required and who was responsible for it.  In cooperation with the construction industry, USACE developed a training course entitled Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM). 

The purpose of this course is to familiarize all quality management personnel with USACE CQM policies and procedures.

The course details the requirements of the government and contractor personnel assigned to the project and the reasons for those requirements. 

The effectiveness of the CQM system is enhanced when all personnel are aware of their responsibilities and the reasons for them.  To ensure the success of the CQC system, every USACE construction contract stipulates that the contractor’s quality control representative is required to have this training.  This course is offered throughout the year by many USACE offices across the nation.

The certificate expires five years. from date of issue.


Under the UFGS requirements of 01 45 00, contractors may be required to have their Quality Control representative certified by attendance at a Construction Quality Management course. In our opinion, based on previous attendees, this course is an extremely valuable tool and time well spent.

Description and Training Materials

The training is formatted into instruction that may include class discussion and video presentation: 

The RMS User Manual and Training Guide is the guide for Contractors using the RMS program in conjunction with the Government RMS program and is available below. 

Resident Management System User Manual and Training Guide (RMS Software Version 3.0)

The above link connects to the RMS website that contains the user guide above and supporting documents.