Project Management

What does the Programs & Project Management Office do?

The Program & Project Management Office (PPM) is the primary interface with the customer and the primary advocate for specific projects. PPM manages all project resources, information and commitments to integrate customer quality objectives, professional standards, laws and codes into the projects.

How does PPM do this?

PPM provides Project Delivery Team leadership with the responsibility for assuring the project stays focused on the public interest and on the customer's needs and expectations. To meet this objective each project is managed under a project management plan (PMP). A PMP is a roadmap for quality project delivery.

Where are we located?

Project Managers have regional and geographical responsibilities. Most project managers are located in the district headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Some may be operating as a PM-forward located in Grand Haven, Michigan.

When do we get involved in projects?

PM's typically get involved in projects when we have congressionally directed funds or a formal Letter of Request from a potential project sponsor.