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Lake St Clair, MI

The Channels in Lake St. Clair, Michigan, a section of Great Lakes Connecting Channels, is a two-way vessel track with a length of about 15 miles located in the expansive shallow basin of Lake St. Clair. The project extends from the mouth of the St. Clair River to the head of the Detroit River. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of August 5, 1886; July 13, 1892; June 13 1902; March 2, 1919; July 3, 1930; August 30, 1935; and, March 21, 1956. The existing project provides for an improved channel 800 feet wide and 14.5 miles long in Lake St. Clair, from the lower end of the Southeast Bend Cut-Off Channel in the St. Clair River, to the Detroit River, all to a depth of 27.5 feet.