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Keweenaw Waterway, MI

The Keweenaw Waterway, Michigan is located on Lake Superior across the Keweenaw Peninsula in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The west entrance is 169 miles east of Duluth, Minnesota. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of March 3, 1865; July 3, 1866; April 10, 1869; March 2, 1871; March 27, 1872; March 3, 1873; August 5, 1886; September 19, 1890; March 15, 1898; June 25, 1910; March 2, 1919; and, August 30, 1935. The existing project provides for construction of two breakwaters, pierheads, revetments and a mooring pier at the upper entrance, and a breakwater and mooring pier at the lower entrance; for dredging of lake approaches, entrance channels of varying widths, interior channels 300-500 feet wide, and two mooring basins 800 feet wide; a navigable channel, with a minimum width 300 feet and 25 miles long, partially natural and partially artificial, across Keweenaw Peninsula via Portage Lake. A total of over 24,300 feet of breakwaters, revetments and piers exist at the project. Coal docks, a petroleum dock and several general merchandise and miscellaneous wharves are serviced by the project. A ferry service to Isle Royale National Park is also based in the waterway.