Holland Harbor, MI

Holland Harbor, Michigan is located on the east shore of Lake Michigan 95 miles northeasterly from Chicago, IL, and 23 miles southerly from Grand Haven, MI. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of August 30, 1852; March 2, 1867; March 3, 1899; March 3, 1905; July 3, 1930; August 30, 1935; and, September 1954. The existing project provides for two converging breakwaters, having lengths of 752 and 801 feet for the north and south breakwaters, respectively, with widths between them of 300 feet at the outer end and 740 feet at the inner end, for the inner pier and revetments along the channel from Lake Macatawa, about 180 feet apart for a distance of 614 feet from the outer end, thence converging to about 200 feet apart at the inner end; with lengths of 1,765 and 1,634 feet for north and south piers, respectively; for dredging a channel 23 feet between the breakwaters, thence decreasing to 21 feet at the outer end of the inner piers and through Lake Macatawa to the upper end of the project in Black River; the width of the channel is 300 feet through the outer harbor, thence reducing to 140 feet to the angle in the south pier thence flaring to 235 feet abreast the angle in the north pier, thence converging to 150 feet in the channel in Lake Macatawa to the angle in the project channel opposite the wharves at Holland, thence 110 feet for a distance of 2,600 feet to the end of the project, with suitable widening opposite the angle in the project channel at Black River.  The improved channel is 6 miles long in Lake Macatawa. Wharves at the inner end of Lake Macatawa handle coal, building materials, petroleum products and other miscellaneous commodities.