Caseville Harbor, MI

Caseville Harbor, Michigan is located at mouth of the Pigeon River on the south shore of Saginaw Bay about 17 miles southwest of Port Austin, MI. The project was authorized by the River and Harbors Act of 23 October 1962. This provides for construction a rubblemound breakwater 1,300 feet long and dredging an entrance channel 500 feet wide and 10 feet deep from that depth in Saginaw Bay, decreasing in width to 80 feet at the outer end of the breakwater and extending riverward for a distance of 100 feet at the same depth, thence a channel 8 feet deep and 80 feet wide to the river mouth; decreasing 50 feet in width and extending upstream approximately 1,000 feet with widening to 80 feet in the upper 300 foot reach to serve as a turning basin, all at the same depth. However, the approved plans of construction provided for a reduction of channel in Pigeon River from authorized width of 50 to 600 feet and elimination of widening for turning basin. The harbor services primarily recreational navigation interests.