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1912 Davis Lock

May 17, 1912 - Crews were busy working on forms for the emptying culverts of what would eventually become the Davis Lock. When it opened in 1914, the Davis Lock was the longest lock in the world at 1,350 feet long.

Soo Locks Infrastructure Chronology


1855 - State Lock and canal commissioned, operated by the State of Michigan

1881 - Locks transferred to the federal government for operation

1883 - Weitzel Lock constructed (replaced by MacArthur Lock)

1896 - Original Poe Lock constructed (replaced in 1968)

1914 - Davis Lock opened (Closed 2010)

1919 - Sabin Lock opened (Closed 2010)

1943 - MacArthur Lock opened (in service today)

1969 - Current Poe Lock opened (in service today)