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REVIEWED: 01 April - 30 June



For the purposes of determining the applicability of regulation under the Department of the Army Regulatory Program, the Detroit District has posted the following determinations of jurisdiction pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.


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LRE-2012-00396-102 Allen IN JUN 27, 2012
LRE-2012-00091-176 Steuben IN JUN 13, 2012
LRE-2011-00849-117 Dekalb IN JUN 12, 2012
LRE-2012-00238-150 Marshall IN JUN 01, 2012
LRE-2012-00157-171 St. Joseph IN MAY 03, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10a Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10b Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10c Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10d Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10e Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10f Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10g Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10h Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2010-00788-150-J10i Marshall IN APR, 2012
LRE-2012-00215-150-U12 Marshall IN APR 26, 2012
LRE-2012-00122-56 Berrian MI APR 04, 2012