White Lake Harbor, MI

White Lake Harbor, Michigan is located on the east shore of Lake Michigan, about 120 miles northeasterly from Chicago, Illinois, and 45 miles southerly from Ludington, Michigan. The project was authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Acts of 2 March 1867, 3 March 1873, 5 July 1884, 13 July 1892 and 2 March 1907. The project provides for the abandonment of the old outlet and the creation of a new channel 16 feet deep, 200 feet wide and 1950 feet long from Lake Michigan to White Lake between parallel piers and revetments having lengths 2,727 feet and 1,953 feet on the north and south sides respectively. The piers and revetments are built of stone-filled timber cribs and piling all of which are capped with a concrete superstructure. The harbor services primarily recreational navigation interests.