Point Lookout Harbor, MI

Point Lookout Harbor, Michigan is located at the Au Gres River on the westerly shore of Lake Huron at the entrance to Saginaw Bay, about 17 miles northeast of the mouth of the Saginaw River.The project was authorized by the River and Harbors Act of 2 March 1945. The existing project provides for construction of a small boat harbor having a 12-foot deep, 100-foot wide, 2,800-foot long outer entrance channel; a 5,600-foot long, 100-foot wide inner entrance channel having a 10-foot depth; an 8,270-foot long, 6-foot deep river channel ending just downstream from the US-23 highway bridge and having a width of 60 feet; a 4,000-foot long north breakwater and a 3,800-foot long south breakwater. The harbor services primarily recreational navigation interests.