Frankfort Harbor, MI

Frankfort Harbor is located on the east shore of Lake Michigan, 204 miles northeasterly from Chicago, IL, and 28 miles northerly of Manistee, MI. It was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of June 23, 1866; March 3, 1925; August 26, 1937; and October 27, 1965. The existing project provides for constructing an exterior basin in Lake Michigan formed by two breakwaters, 450 feet apart at the outer ends, diverging at an angle of about 90 degrees, the main arm and shore connection on north breakwater are 972 and 1,000 feet long, respectively, and the main arm and shore connection of south breakwater 1,188 and 1,400 feet long, respectively; for removing 801 feet of north pier and 1,172 feet of south pier; dredging a basin 20 feet deep and 800 feet wide at the entrance, decreasing toward new pier heads to 600 feet wide; dredging an approach and entrance channel through the outer basin to a depth of 24 feet from deep water in Lake Michigan to a point 500 feet landward of the opening between the breakwaters and to 23 feet deep through the inner portion of the outer basin to the outer end of north pier, over widths decreasing from 500 to 160 feet; and thence to 22 feet deep between the piers to Lake Betsie; dredging a basin in Lake Betsie 800 feet wide and 1550 feet wide to a depth of 18 feet; and dredging a 300 by 600 foot recreational anchorage area in Lake Betsie10-feet deep. A petroleum facility and car ferry slips (now unused) are located on the south shore of Lake Betsie. The city and state provide recreational docking facilities on the north side of Lake Betsie.