Clinton River, MI

Clinton River, Michigan has its sources in Oakland County, Michigan, flows easterly about 60 miles and empties into Anchor Bay in northwestern part of Lake St. Clair. The project was authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Acts of August 5, 1886 and July 19, 1963. The existing project provides an entrance channel in Anchor Bay 8 feet deep, 300 feet wide at the 8-foot depth contour in the bay, gradually decreasing to 50 feet wide at about 1,000 feet upstream from the mouth of the Clinton River, a length of about 4,600 feet; a channel 8 feet deep and 50 feet wide in the river about 38,700 feet long from the entrance channel upstream to Mt. Clemens at Cass Avenue; closing the old channel and making a cutoff at Shoemakers Bend; closing the Catfish Channel; construction of revetments as needed in the river; and a harbor basin, 5 feet deep and 11 acres in area at the entrance along the bay channel, protected by breakwaters on the north and south sides. The harbor services primarily recreational navigation interests.