Algoma Harbor, WI

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 Consequences of Not Maintaining the Project
  • Loss of jobs locally
  • Loss of recreational navigation and 30-40 charter fishing operations in the area
  • Based on a recent UW Extention economic study, the harbor generates over $3M annually for the Algoma community
 Harbor Features
  • Located on the west shore of Lake Michigan, about 68 miles from Green Bay via Sturgeon Bay Harbor and the Lake Michigan Ship Canal and about 115 miles north of Milwaukee
  • Authorization: River & Harbor Act of March 3, 1871
  • Harbor that currently serves primarily recreational boat traffic
  • Project depth is 14 feet
  • 1,102-foot-long north pier and a 1,530-foot-long south breakwater
  • 2,000 feet of maintained channel
  • Dredged material is placed in an upland site provided by locals on an as-needed basis
  • Major stakeholders include U.S. Coast Guard and Lafond Fisheries
 Project Requirements
  • The harbor channels are stable and require only infrequent dredging; the harbor was last dredged in 1993
  • Maintenance dredging is currently required
  • The harbor's breakwater requires repair
 Transportation Importance
  • This project serves primarily charter fishing and recreational navigation interests
  • Harbor of Refuge
  • The local community has established a significant infrastructure around the harbor facilities that generates income from harbor users and visitors to the area
Aerial view of Algoma Harbor

FY 2012-14 Budget Requirements

Work Package  FY12 Requirement FY12 Work Plan FY13 Requirement FY13 Appropriation FY14 Requirement FY14 President's Budget
Project Condition Surveys      25      
Maintenance Dredging - Primary Work Package     480


Maintenance Dredging - Backlog Work Package        

Breakwater Repairs - by Contract

5,000   5,000      
Engineering & Design - Breakwater Repairs 400   400      
 Totals 5,400   5,905