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Over the coming weeks, we will be updating our Great Lakes Information website.

You can expect to see some exciting new pages, along with a reorganization of the site to ease navigation. Page changes will be set up with temporary redirects, but please update any bookmarks you have saved. We hope these improvements will help to better educate, inform, and inspire everyone that visits our site.

If you experience any difficulties finding information you rely on, please contact us at (313) 226-3020 or hhpm@usace.army.mil.

Great Lakes Information

Water Levels

Click here to view water level data including current conditions, forecasts, and historical data.



Click here for the main outflows web page, here for information regarding current regulated outflows, and here for discharge measurements in the Great Lakes connecting channels and the international section of the St. Lawrence River.

Coastal Program

Click here to learn about the Detroit District's coastal program including information about coastal engineering services, the Regional Sediment Management program, the Section 111 program and a multitude of coastal issues.


Lake Winnebago

Click here for information about Lake Winnebago important notices, levels and flows, lower Fox River pool elevations, basin precipitation, basin water temperature, and other useful information and resources.

Weather Information

Click here for weather information related to Great Lakes basin precipitation and snow surveys.

News and Information

Click here for our latest news and information regarding upcoming meetings, water level summariesGreat Lakes Update articles, and a variety of other useful resources.


Flood Monitoring

Click here for the latest information on current conditions in the basin related to flooding in rivers, ice conditions on the connecting channels, and weather watches and warnings.


Contact Information

Click here to contact the Great Lakes Hydraulics and Hydrology Office.


Click here for links to International Joint Commission Boards of Control, NOAA, Canadian Hydrographic Services, the Chicago Diversion and other useful resources.

Great Lakes Navigation

Click here for complete navigational information on the Great Lakes system.