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Portage Lake North Revetment Slope Reduction and Fill Adjacent the Federal Pier, Manistee County, Michigan

Published Oct. 5, 2017


 The U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers (USACE), Detroit District, has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) of proposed actions to address slope reduction within a state designated critical dune and a Section 404(b)(1) analysis for fill into ponded waters at the Portage Lake Harbor, north pier revetment at Onekema, Manistee County, Michigan.  The EA may be reviewed on line at the following web address:  Go to the category "Other Public Notices" in the lower left corner of the webpage.  A paper copy of the EA may be reviewed during normal business hours at the Onekema Branch of the Manistee Public Library reference desk,  5283 Main Street, PO Box 149, Onekema, MI 49675  [telephone number: (231) 889-4041].  A paper copy may be obtained by writing to the USACE address identified below. 


The EA addresses the environmental impacts associated with the removal of approximately 330 cubic yards (CYD) sand from the 120 foot by 20 foot work area within the state designated critical dune to reduce the slope to 2H:1V. The purpose of the project is to provide for inspection and reduce the load on the Federal harbor revetment to prevent overloading and possible failure. The sand dune is encroaching on the revetment and slope reduction will reduce the load. If the proposed slope reduction and stabilization work is not completed, the USACE cannot assure human health and safety will be protected in the navigation channel due to the Federal revetment’s constantly increasing risk of failure. The EA also addresses the filling of 0.29 acres of ponded open water on and adjacent to the northerly edge of the Federal  revetment with 802 cubic yards (CYD) of material consisting of sand and splash stone both below and above the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) resulting from the wash out of fill from within the revetment. This fill into the waters of the United States is addressed in a Clean Water Act Section 404(b)(1) Evaluation that is attached to the EA. The section 401 Water Quality Certification has been requested for the fill placement from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and no work will be conducted until the required Section 401 certification has been received.

 Environmental review of the proposed action indicates that no significant cumulative or long-term adverse environmental impacts would be expected as a result of project implementation.  The identified adverse effects would be minor, including short-term noise and air emissions from equipment operation.  Any person who has a comment on the project must submit the comment in writing. Any comments you may have concerning the proposed project should be made within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice.  If no comments are received by the end of the thirty (30) day review period, it will be assumed that you have no comment.  Please direct your comments to:  


    U.S. Army Engineer District, Detroit  

    ATTN: CELRE-PLE (Charles A. Uhlarik)

    477 Michigan Ave.

    Detroit, Michigan  48226-2550


Copies of this Public Notice and EA are being sent to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the State of Michigan and other Federal , tribes, state, local agencies, interested groups, and individuals.  Following the 30 day comment period and a review of the comments received by the USACE, the District Engineer (Detroit District, USACE) will make a final decision regarding the necessity of preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed project.  Based on the conclusions of the EA, it appears that preparation of an EIS will not be required; therefore, a preliminary Finding of No Significant Impact has been included in the EA.