Engineering and Construction

The Engineering and Construction (EC) office directs all civil works engineering and design activities, and civil works and military construction and contract management activities within the Detroit District. EC coordinates, reviews and implements policies and products regarding engineering and construction in the Detroit District. EC is comprised of three main branches that work in unison to support all design and construction needs: Geotechnical and Structures Branch, Cost and General Engineering Branch and Construction Administration Branch. The main functions of EC include:

  • Responsible for engineering and design products, including reports, final design, construction plans and specifications and government estimates for district civil works projects
  • Oversees and facilitates A/E and construction contracting and leads A/E Selection Board
  • Manages District Dam Safety, Levee Safety and Bridge Safety programs
  • Provides oversight for the district CADD functions
  • Ensures that Biddability, Constructability, Operability, Environmental and Sustainability and District Quality Control reviews are conducted and that robust quality management processes are enforced
  • Manages requests for the modification or alteration of completed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects through Section 408 Policy Authority

Geotechnical and Structures Branch

The Geotech and Structures Branch is comprised of a group of professionals within the fields of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, computer-aided drafting & design environmental engineering and geology. The primary mission of the branch is the timely resolution of complex engineering problems and the execution of the district’s Bridge Safety, Dam Safety, Hydraulic Steel Structures and Levee Safety Programs. The team takes great pride in our ability to stay current with the latest and greatest technologies and utilizes efficient quality management practices to ensure that we continue to provide reliable engineering solutions to the Nation’s toughest challenges.

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Cost and General Engineering Branch

The Cost and General Engineering Branch (CGE) mainly supports the District in cost engineering and dredge design.  Through the execution of design projects CGE provides current working estimates to ensure the design team knows the costs associated with a project and can plan the work to meet budget constraints.  Once the District is ready to award the project, CGE also develops the Independent Government Estimate (IGE) to ensure that the bids received are fair and reasonable.

CGE also leads the development of many of the dredging solicitations to support the District’s mission of maintaining navigation channels to support the nation.  Engineers within this branch actively analyze survey data, assess navigation needs, and determine placement requirements for dredge material to successfully clear our channels.  Many times, there are beneficial uses for this dredge material that are identified and pursued so that this material has a positive effect on our environment.

Current Major A-E Contracts

Geotechnical IDIQ Contracts (Awarded January 2020, Expires January 2024)

  • Strata Earth Services LLC
  • 7NT Enterprises LLC
  • TTL Associates, Inc.

Architect-Engineering Planning, Engineering and Design Services IDIQ Contracts – Pending Award.

Construction Administration Branch

The Construction Administration Branch provides contract management and contract administration of all Architect-Engineering (A-E) contracts and quality assurance services on all construction projects within the Detroit District. These include projects supporting the District's flood risk management, military construction, hydroelectric, recreation and navigation missions. We also provide these same services to other federal agencies.  

CAB as a technical and support branch is responsible for assistance, coordination, review and implementation of policies and products regarding A-E contract management and construction contract administration in the Detroit District. CAB also participates in in acquisition strategy meetings for all design, construction and A-E contracts.

Prior to construction contract award, the branch supports our Engineering Branch’s design reviews with focus on biddability and sustainability. CAB provides overall review of preconstruction plans and specifications, solicitation documents and Dr Checks comments and recommends to the Chief, Engineering and Construction when solicitation packages are ready to be advertised.

After construction contract award, the branch supports our Area/Resident Engineers and Administrative Contracting Officers in the Operation Division. CAB provides assistance and expertise to all area offices on matters related to construction contract administration for all District construction contracts and ensures construction quality management and safety programs are maintained.  The CAB team is comprised of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineers.

In addition, CAB:

  • Establishes, maintains and updates data in the Resident Management System prior to award
  • Ensures data is maintained and updated in the field throughout the duration of construction contracts, delivery orders, studies, etc.
  • Facilitates electronic exchange of information, provides technical support and overall management of contracts via RMS.
  • Manages A-E contracts supporting Geotechnical services and reviews A-E scopes of work, government estimates of A-E fees and A-E contract modifications
  • Provides technical expertise and advice to other District branches about A-E contracts