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Jet fuel station completed at Duluth Air National Guard Base

Detroit District Public Affairs Office
Published March 22, 2013
Minnesota’s Air National Guard, ANG, will benefit from a new jet fuel facility thanks in part to the efforts of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The $11.6 million Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants, POL, complex will store jet propulsion fuel for F-16s and other aircraft of the 148th Fighter Wing. Two Area Offices (Duluth, Minn., and Fort Crook, Neb.) oversaw construction of the facility, which replaces a 1950s-era fuel depot that was demolished.

The POL complex consists of two offloading areas for tank trucks to deliver jet propulsion fuel; two above-ground storage tanks; a heated parking building for the base refueler trucks that transport fuel to aircraft; an administration build¬ing; a pump house and associated piping; as well as sanitary sewer, water and natural gas lines; security fencing; communications equip¬ment and lighting.

“The success of the project was not based on one or two agencies or contractors working individually but rather the group as a whole,” said Corey Weston of the Du¬luth Area Office, who served as project engi¬neer. “All parties were onboard to produce a quality end product.”

He said personnel from the ANG and the contracting firms con¬tributed “a vast array of knowledge in con¬tracting, mechanical and electrical systems, and general construc¬tion which allowed the project to move forward in a quality manner.”