Archive: June, 2021
  • Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center reopens

    DULUTH, Minn., – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is reopening the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center in Canal Park 10:00 a.m. July 1. The Detroit District’s Duluth Area Office is opening the Visitor Center to the public after closing for over a year to due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks are required inside the building for guests who are not fully vaccinated. Guests should help maintain a safe environment by practicing social distancing with those outside their group and are asked not to enter the building if they are not feeling well.
  • City, Corps of Engineers explain Minnesota Point Beach cleanup plan

    DULUTH, Minn. - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and City of Duluth have a plan to remove debris placed on Minnesota Point during 2020 beach nourishment. “Safety is a top priority for the corps of engineers,” said Corey Weston, Chief of Construction and Survey, at the Corps of Engineers, Duluth Area Office. “We take it very seriously and have from the beginning demonstrated our commitment to the city and community to resolve this issue.” Last fall, after placing dredged material for beach nourishment on Minnesota Point, fragments of decades-old aluminum cans were found on the beach. The Corps of Engineers took responsibility for placing the aluminum fragments and have been working non-stop with the City on a plan to remove them.