Corps of Engineers begins wave study at Two Rivers Harbor

Published May 26, 2015

DETROIT -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, USACE, will conduct a two-phase study to better understand difficult wave conditions in Two Rivers Harbor in Two Rivers, Wis.

During the first phase USACE scientists will position wave gages in and around the federal harbor at Two Rivers to better understand the wave situation. This first phase of the project will measure the height and direction of waves during a six month period. Waves will be simultaneously measured at the mouth of the harbor and within the inner harbor.

"The City recognizes the importance of this study in our efforts to mitigate the surge problem in our Lake Michigan harbor, and to reduce shoaling between the piers of the outer harbor. Both issues present challenges in our efforts to make greater use of the harbor for both recreational and commercial uses," said Greg Buckley, city manager for Two Rivers.

"Moreover, having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every five to seven years to dredge the outer harbor is not a sustainable practice," he said.

The data from this $127,000 study will be used to better understand the type and source of waves that create hazardous navigation within the harbor.

The second phase of the study analyzes the collected data and develops a computer model of the waves in the harbor. This model will characterize the difficult wave conditions and evaluate various structural solutions such as breakwater modifications. A report detailing the findings of the modeling analysis will be delivered to the leadership at Two Rivers in December 2016.

"This study exemplifies the stewardship embraced by the Corps for harbors in the Great Lakes and our ability to focus over 200 years of maritime expertise to solve issues such as these," said Jim Selegean, hydraulic engineer, Great Lakes Hydraulics and Hydrology Office at the Corps of Engineers Office in Detroit. "We stand ready to partner with local communities to develop future plans that will combat water related issues," he said.

We appreciate this opportunity to work with the Corps to develop a design, that can eventually be implemented, as a solution to these longstanding problems," said Greg Buckley.

This study is being completed through a partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the city of Two Rivers using the Corps’ Planning Assistance to States Program.


Lynn Rose,

Release no. 15-007