Detroit District awards contract for sea lamprey trap and barrier project

Published June 23, 2011
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, awarded a contract for construction of a sea lamprey barrier and trap in Trail Creek near Michigan City, Ind.

Industrial Maintenance Services, Inc., of Escanaba, Mich., was awarded an $870,178 contract for the project, which is intended to control sea lamprey, an invasive species that threatens native species such as lake trout and whitefish.

“Environmental restoration is a vital part of the Corps of Engineers mission,” said Lt. Col. Mike Derosier, district engineer. “This important project will help protect the Great Lakes fishery and ensure a healthier ecosystem.”

The project includes construction of a steel sheet pile barrier and sea lamprey trap to prevent sea lampreys from reaching spawning grounds. After the lampreys are captured, males are sterilized and released to mate with females to produce infertile eggs. The long-term goal is to restore the region’s ecosystem to its condition a century ago prior to the sea lamprey invasion.

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Indiana Department of Natural Resources partnered with the Corps to pay for the project, while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will operate the barrier and trap. Work on the project is expected to begin later this month, and be completed by late fall.

For more details, please contact Lynn Duerod, public affairs officer, 313-226-4680, or Carl Platz, project manager, 616-842-5510, extension 25521.

Lynn Duerod

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