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Contract Award Results

This table details Contract Award Results greater than $250,000 that were awarded.
Project Name Award Amount Award Date Contractor Contract Number

FY20 Clinton River Frisbee Site Restoration at Shelby Township, Michigan

$518,913.00 July 7, 2020 RBV Contracting, Inc.


FY20 Maintenance Dredging Holland (Outer) $455,610.00 June 17, 2020 Leudke Engineering Company


FY20 Maintenance Dredging N. Manitou Island $269,800.00 June 8, 2020 MCM Marine, Inc.


FY20 St. Clair River Maintenance Dredging $640,500.00 May 18, 2020 Ryba Marine Construction W911XK20C0009
FY20 Green Bay Maintenance Dredging


May 12, 2020 Luedke Engineering Company


FY20 Detroit River Dredging, Detroit, Michigan $1,289,400.00 April 29, 2020 Ryba Marine Construction W911XK20C0006
FY20 Maintenance Dredging Saginaw River, Michigan


April 29, 2020 Ryba Marine Construction


FY20 8(a) ENV SVCS IDIQ $800,000.00 January 29, 2020 Advanced Matrix-AEM Group W911XK20D0004

FY19 SOO Locks Boiler Replacement, Michigan

$6,186,800.00 September 30, 2019

Greenland Enterprises, Inc.


FY19 Muskegon South Breakwater Connector Repair, Michigan

$1,609,599.00 September 24, 2019

Great Lakes Dock & Materials LLC.


Superior Entry North Pier Repair, Duluth-Superior Harbor, St. Louis County, Minnesota $8,433,900.00 September 24, 2019 Roen Salvage Co.


FY19 Maintenance Dredging Two Rivers (Outer), Wisconsin $616,535.00 September 18, 2019 The King Co., Inc. W911XK19C0018
FY19 Maintenance Dredging Duluth-Superior Harbor $1,439,500.00 September 9, 2019 Roen Salvage Company W911XK19C0019
FY19 Maintenance Dredging Manitowoc and Two Rivers (Inner), Wisconsin $833,950.00 September 6, 2019 Roen Salvage Company


FY19 De Pere Dam Walkway Replacement

$937,750.00 August 26, 2019

Michels Corporation


FY19 Maintenance Dredging Green Bay, Wisconsin

$4,019,100.00 July 29, 2019

Luedtke Engineering Company


FY19 Maintenance Dredging St. Clair River, Michigan

$1,533,070.00 July 23, 2019 Ryba Marine Construction W911XK19C0013

FY19 Maintenance Dredging Sturgeon Bay and Kewaunee Harbors, Wisconsin

$1,332,750.00 July 23, 2019 Great Lakes Dock and Materials, L.L.C.


FY19 Maintenance Dredging Detroit River and Pte. Mouillee CDF Maintenance, Michigan


July 22, 2019

Morrish-Wallace Construction Company

dba Ryba Marine Construction


FY19 Maintenance Dredging Ludington Harbor, Michigan

$394,300.00 May 8, 2019 MCM Marine, Inc. W911XK19C0006