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Cat Island Restoration

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Located just north of the mouth of the Fox River in lower Green Bay, Wis., the Detroit District prepared a Dredged Material Management Plan (DMMP) and Environmental Assessment (EA) that calls for the construction of three islands (Cat Island Chain). The islands would be placed in the same location of the former islands, and constructed with armor stone to assure stability. The islands would protect and help restore the wetlands on the south side of the islands. Clean dredged material from 3-11 miles out in the bay (117,500 cubic yards per year) would be placed on the islands to create habitat. The three islands would create about 272 acres of nearshore habitat and restore approximately 1,200 acres of wetland in the former Pete's Lake Marsh area.

The Cat Island Chain of islands easterly boundary is about 150 feet west of the deep-draft navigation channel extending into Green Bay. Historically, the Cat Island Chain had an average of 500 feet and extended northwest for approximately 1.5 miles. It dissipated during the 1960s, such that it now has an area with a diameter of approximately 400 feet above normal water levels. Wetlands behind the barrier islands were soon destroyed by wave action. The Dredge Material Management Plan (DMMP) was approved and construction began on the first portion of the project in 2012.

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