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LRE-2018-00239-16-S18 - 5/22/2018: Proposed Boardwalks, a Foot Bridge, and an Observation tower in wetlands in Lake Huron at Cheboygan, Michigan
Expiration date: 6/10/2018

LRE-2001-110110-S18 - 5/16/2018: Proposed Removal and Replacement of Seawall and Bio-engineered Shoreline and Dock Removal/Relocation in the Clinton River at Harrison Township, Michigan
Expiration date: 6/6/2018

LRE-2016-00253-18-S18 - 5/16/2018: Proposed Seawall, Backfill, Riprap, Boardwalk and Canoe Launch in Lake Huron at Caseville, Michigan
Expiration date: 6/6/2018

LRE-2017-01077-07-S17 - 5/10/2018: Proposed Seawall Installation and Discharge of Fill Material in Frenchman's Creek (Detroit River) for Construction of House Addition, Pool, and Deck at Grosse Ile, Michigan
Expiration date: 6/4/2018

LRE-2016-00059-61-S18 - 5/10/2018: Proposed Marina Construction in the Keweenaw Waterway at Dollar Bay, Michigan
Expiration date: 6/3/2018

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