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Action Memorandum for a Time-Critical Removal Action (TCRA) at Parcel F at Kaukauna Lock 3, Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Posted: 8/21/2015

Expiration date:



The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Detroit District, is distributing this public notice to inform the community that an Action Memorandum for a Time-Critical Removal Action (TCRA) is available for public review and comment.  The Action Memorandum, dated June 2015, documents the USACE decision to undertake a TCRA of lead-contaminated soil and sediment at the USACE-owned Parcel F at Kaukauna Lock 3, located on a plot of land with the address of 1008 Augustine Street, Kaukauna, WI, 54130.  Lead contamination on Parcel F resulted from the historic scraping of lead-based paint from exterior walls of the wooden structures located on the parcel and/or historic maintenance of vessels in the existing dry dock.

             What is a TCRA?

TCRA’s are performed when it is determined that a removal action is necessary to protect human health and the environment from releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants and the removal action is required to be performed within six months of that determination.  The TCRA will be conducted by the USACE in accordance with requirements of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) of 1980, as amended, and the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP).


            Description of the Proposed TCRA

The USACE proposed the following TCRA in the Action Memorandum to mitigate threats posed by the presence of a CERCLA hazardous substance (lead) in soil and sediment on Parcel F at Kaukauna Lock 3:

·      Develop and implement a site-specific work plan;

·      Excavate approximately 380 cubic yards of soil and sediment with lead concentrations that exceed the cleanup goal of 52 ppm;

·      Dispose of excavated soils and sediment at a permitted, off-site disposal facility;

·      Perform confirmatory sampling to verify cleanup;

·      Backfill and restore the excavated soil area; and

·      Prepare a summary report of the removal actions.


It is estimated that the removal action will take two (2) months to complete.  The selected removal action is protective of human health and the environment and satisfies federal and state requirements that are applicable or relevant and appropriate to this TCRA.  The USACE anticipates that, after implementation of the proposed removal action, there will be no further action required to ensure the protection of current and future users of Parcel F at Kaukauna Lock 3 from the CERCLA hazardous substance (lead) on site.


The TCRA Process

The process for a TCRA cleanup is to:

·      Prepare an Action Memorandum to document the removal action decision;

·      Inform the community of the TCRA (at minimum, immediately affected citizens, state, and local officials);

·      Publish a public notice of availability of the Administrative Record file, established pursuant to the NCP [40 CFR 300.820(b)(1)], in a major newspaper within sixty days of the initiation of the on-site removal activity;

·      Provide a public comment period of not less than thirty days from the time the Administrative Record file is available for public inspection pursuant to the NCP

[40 CFR 300.820(b)(2)]; and

·      Prepare a written response to significant public comments submitted during the public comment period and include these responses in the Administrative Record file.


Information Repository

The Administrative Record file for Parcel F at Kaukauna Lock 3, which includes the Action Memorandum and other project-related documents supporting the proposed TCRA decision, can be viewed by interested community members at the following locations during normal business hours:


            Kaukauna Public Library                                            Appleton Public Library

             111 Main Street                                                          225 N. Oneida Street

             Kaukauna, WI 54130                                                  Appleton, WI 54911

             (920-766-6340)                                                           (920-832-6173)


The Administrative Record file can also be accessed online at the USACE, Detroit District webpage:  http://www.lre.usace.army.mil/Home.aspx   under the category “Other Public Notices” in the lower left of the page. 


How do I participate?

This notice provides the public with an opportunity to offer comments on the Action Memorandum, which documents the USACE decision to undertake a TCRA of lead-contaminated soil and sediment at Parcel F at Kaukauna Lock 3.  Public comments regarding the proposed action should be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice to the following:


U.S. Army Engineer District, Detroit

             ATTN: CELRE-PL-E (Charles Uhlarik)

             477 Michigan Avenue

             Detroit, MI 48226-2550


Notice to the postmasters/libraries and other various public entities: It is requested that this notice be conspicuously and continuously posted for 30 days from the date of issuance.