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Pike River Ecosystem Restoration Phases 8 and 9, Village of Mount Pleasant, Racine County, Wisconsin

Posted: 8/27/2014

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This document addresses the environmental impacts associated with aquatic ecosystem restoration of the Pike River in the Village of Mount Pleasant, Racine County, Wisconsin. The proposed project is being completed under Section 206 of the Water Resource Development Act (WRDA) of 1996, as amended [PL 104-303-Oct. 12, 1996].  The proposed project encompasses approximately 1.1 miles of the Pike River and includes restoration within the floodplain with emergent wetland, sedge meadow, wet-mesic and mesic prairie restoration through the excavation of approximately 600,000 cubic yards of soil.  Most of the excavation is in the floodplain above the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) of the Pike River.  The project would also involve the construction of meanders and riffles/pools within the restored Pike River.  Construction of meanders, placement of riffles and stabilization of the river banks with log jams will require excavation below the OHWM and require state water quality certification.  The project would contribute to the completion of a 9-phase restoration project initiated by the Village of Mount Pleasant and would realize the project goal of restoring scarce prairie and natural stream habitat, increasing the species richness of native prairie communities and the native plant herbaceous layer, and providing resting areas for fish, invertebrates, and wildlife.