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Current Economic Reevalution Status

The Detroit District initiated an Economic Reevaluation in January 2016 to reassess the Benefit Cost Ratio with updated assumptions on reliability and alternate transportation modes. The reevaluation will also include updated failure probabilities based on reliability of major components. The report is scheduled to be complete in December 2017, contingent upon funding.

  • Funding $1.3M received November 2015
  • Team includes all three Great Lakes Districts, Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation (Huntington District) and the Civil Works Cost Engineering Center of Expertise (Walla Walla District)
  • Expected completion December 2017, contingent upon funding.

Main Economic Reevaluation Work Efforts

Updating commodity and transportation forecast

Calculating costs of alternate transportation modes

Updating consequences/benefits

Updating component reliability and failure probabilities

Updating and certifying with and without project costs


In addition, a Post Authorization Change Report (PACR) is required. The current construction cost is being updated and will exceed the most recent authorization cost noted in the 2007 reauthorization. This report is expected to be completed in December 2017 and submitted with the updated economic evaluation.